Friday, June 8, 2007

ES LaPalma: Definition of Flow: Observatory to Tinizara

S2 to easy S3 (if you clear some drops at the lower section), ~2h / DH only / 100% single trail

A very flowy trail - woohoooo!!! Starts as a bumpy, rocky ride, eases into fluffy surfing on (slippery!) pine needles, some small ascents on your way, cruising along the north-western face of the Caldera
! The trails don’t seem to be used very frequently, so I highly recommend to ride in company only! In case of a crashed solo you’d most likely lie here for ages till someone finds you by accident.
! There is only one way to get to the head of this trail – the road up to the Observatory. Either you pedal up (ouch! But not as bad as I thought), which will take some 2–3 hours when you start at Tinizara to Puntagorda up to Hoya Grande and up the steep pass.
Or you find someone to drop you up there. Avoid taxis, they’re a rip off, maybe you can hook up with the people of one of the bike stations, and get a lift?

+ Start at the Heliports, there is two of them right of the road below the observatory. Just few meters up the road above the second/ upper heliport starts a trail to Tiarafe/ Tinizara sign: RP 12.x (later RP 12.1) – enter this trail and stay off your brakes.
+ You’ll ride the open scrub/ macchia area for a while, trail heading slowly down a rough south-western direction on an easy trail.
+ You reach a steeper section, where the trail is leading down left, through some pine trees till you reach a small brook in one of the many dells that you’re about to cross from now on.
+ Stick to your route always left, always south-west, ignore some unmarked paths that lead straight down (right) and keep crossing those creeks and small valleys.
+ You’ll reach a concrete track leading down that you follow for a few meters. Soon the trail RP 12.x will branch off again to you left through 2 fences.
+ Ignore the first signed trail down to El Pinar/ Puntagorda/ El Roque and keep left on this trail.
+ Soon you’ll reach a second marked trail, clearly signed RP 12.1 Tinizara. That’s where you want to go.
+ You’ll ride through a beautifull pine wood, needle covered trail following a ridge mainly. You can’t loose your way here, just go down, watch out for some nice steps and drops here.
+ Leaving the wood you’ll reach a tarred road down to Tinizara.
+ You can short cut the serpentines by using an old path, it’s pretty easy to find.
+ You’ll reach the road at a picnic area again.


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