Thursday, June 7, 2007

ES LaPalma: "Organic-Bikepark“, the lava sands below El Pilar

S3, app. 2,5h / easy way up / 100% trail & single trail, Bikepark-alike area at the top

few meters below the ridge of Cumbre Nueva, Montaña Quemada (around 1480) erupted large fields of nice sand. Erosion did it’s part to create a stunning area nerved by trenches, halfpipe like shapes, drops… The following single trail is technical and a quite bumpy ride

+ Park at the minor road from El Paso to Las Manchas near Tacande de Abajo. You’ll find a little road (tarred) leading uphill. Follow this road up.
+ After a while, passing some houses you’ll reach the woods and the road becomes a macadam track. Just keep going, the track has concreted turns and becomes quite steep.
+ You’ll leave the woods and climb further up. Soon you’ll reach where the track becomes black sandy by the lava. Just keep going straight on, ignore all tracks crossing, until you reach an open wide and quite flat area of black sand.
+ Now here’s where you want to spend some time clearing all this natural obstacles.
When you’ve had enough, there’s three ways down. The one you came up. One in the middle, passing this small crater/ hill below slightly on it’s left side, and one to the right.

+ Take the middle way.
+ Soon after you dived into the woods again, it’ll turn into a rocky steep single trail boardered by little dry stone walls which you follow all the way down to Tacande again.


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